We specialize in Business Process Automation, Web & Mobile App development, Software as a Service and Web Hosting.

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Web Development

  • E-commerce (custom shopping cart) Solution
  • RIA (Rich Internet Application) Development
  • Product Development
  • Content management development(i.e., Customization in Open Source CMS)
  • Developing web application using PHP, .NET, HTML5 & CSS3, Java and JavaScript
  • B2B, B2C web application development
  • Website development that meets web 2.0 standards

Mobile App Development

  • Payment Integrations
  • Mutiplatform - IOS/Android
  • E-commerce/Online Stores
  • Modern UI
  • Excellent user experience
  • Geo Location
  • Push Notification
  • Customer Membership


  • Learn at your own time and schedule.
  • Certification is by institutions registered on our platform.
  • Create courses on our platform and earn money.
  • Learning quality courses and skills online from different institutions and/or instructors

Business Process Automation

  • Make audits a breeze with powerful records retention and reporting.
  • Improve information governance by controlling who accesses sensitive records and when.
  • Measure what matters using process analytics and reporting.
  • Delight customers by accelerating information requests and public-facing services.
  • Speed up work by auto-routing tasks for follow up and approval.

Web Hosting

  • 100% uptime
  • Auto backup
  • Unlimited Domain-based emails
  • Domain Name
  • Starting from as low as K150/mo

Drive Innovation and Adapt to Change in Your Industry.

Serve More Citizens, Faster

Better connect citizens to information while driving agency-wide efficiency.

  • Speed up citizen-facing processes like public information and departmental service requests.
  • Maximize cost efficiency using prebuilt solution templates and low-code automation.
  • Protect information and build citizen trust using powerful security controls.
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Deliver a Digital-First Client Experience

Boost productivity, simplify compliance and modernize your financial practice.

  • Manage loans and public/assets in more efficient way.
  • Open new accounts in less than 30 minutes and improve client retention by automating customer-facing processes.
  • Automate administrative work such as accounts payable processing, HR onboarding and more.
  • Reduce data entry errors by automatically populating client information from incoming paperwork
  • Open new accounts in less than 30 minutes and improve client retention by automating customer-facing processes.
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Graduate to Higher Levels of Student Success

Let is build a connected campus with faster, more responsive student services.

  • Adapt to changing requirements with low-code workflow automation and easy-to-deploy solution templates.
  • Keep information flowing between departments using our Ellucian Ethos integration and other student information system (SIS) integrations.
  • Modernize the student experience with mobile-friendly, easy-to-use services, like scheduling and registering for classes.
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Drive District-Wide Efficiency

Speed up operations and reduce costs by automating processes across departments.

  • Speed up citizen-facing processes like public information and departmental service requests.
  • Create a seamless online enrollment experience to improve data accuracy and student services.
  • Easily manage the lifecycle of critical documents including student and staff records.
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Speed Up the Production Lifecycle

Streamline procurement and strengthen your supply chain to increase on-time delivery rates.

  • Accelerate processes including inspection, quality assurance and procurement.
  • Support compliance with stringent industry regulations with powerful records retention features.
  • Maximize operating profits through real-time process reporting dashboards and data-driven insights.
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Take Care of Your Patients - and Their Information

Adapt to changing compliance requirements and protect your patients' confidential information.

  • Simplify HPCZ compliance and patient confidentiality through powerful records retention.
  • Protect patient information with granular security tailored to roles and responsibilities.
  • Shorten collection and claims cycles by routing requisitions for review and approval.
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